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Charlotte VT Home Values

Charlotte VT Home Values

Charlotte VT home values are constantly changing. For an accurate assessment of your home’s value, call us today 802.846.4888.

Charlotte VT is a town full of beauty! Surrounded by views of the Adirondacks, Green Mountains, and Lake Champlain. Enjoy the Vermont countryside and the growing villages in East and West Charlotte. The town boasts miles of frontage on Lake Champlain with stunning views of the Adirondack high peaks.


Vermont is known for it’s outdoors and Charlotte VT really takes advantage of that. Mount Philo State Park is a fan favorite. The 237-acre park is just a short hike with rewarding views. The park attracts hundreds of hikers, picnickers and nature watchers each day during the busy summer months. Another local attraction is the Charlotte VT town beach. Go for a swim, play tennis or just enjoy the views.

A great addition to the town is the Charlotte VT town link trail. A long gravel path ideal for enjoying nature, getting from one part of town to the other and connecting with our neighbors while walking, biking and cross-country skiing.


The town has a variety of housing available. There are lakefront homes, new construction opportunities, rural neighborhoods, homes with views, properties on acreage, co-housing communities and more. There is truly a home or property for everyone.

Keeping it Local

Home to some amazing local businesses, Charlotte VT is all about keeping it local. Check out the local orchard, berry farms and winery. In the quaint town center you will find cafes, restaurants, and the iconic Old Brick Store. The hills above town feature sweeping pastoral views and an eclectic blend of farms and houses, including Philo Ridge Farm, a leader in sustainable agriculture that boasts a restaurant and store with breathtaking views.

Real Estate

Below are some quick facts on the current real estate market and homes-for-sale. You can see all homes and condos listed for sale here. An exceptional town is known for its strong sense of community. For the latest Charlotte VT home values reach out to us, your local market experts at 802.846.4888.

Key Housing Statistics For Burlington, VT

Underhill Local Market Update by Zip Code Updated  April 2023

Active Listings – 2
Avg LP – $1,775,000
Median LP – $1,775,000

Sold Listings – 1
Avg SP – $399,500
Median SP – $399,500

Underhill Local Market Update by Zip Code Updated  March 2023

Active Listings – 10
Avg LP – $771,300
Median LP – $540,000

Sold Listings – 23
Avg SP – $601,234
Median SP – $394,000