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Your Local Guide to Our Favorite Creemee Spots!

Vermont bursts into action every summer with folks flocking to lakes, trails, and festivals across the state. But a day of summer fun is only complete once you’ve had that classic Vermont treat: The creemee! If you find yourself asking “what is a creemee” the short answer is a local Vermont word to describe soft-serve ice-cream. You know, like how they drink “orange cokes” in Georgia and eat “hoagies” in Philly? But a creemee is so much more than just soft-serve, it’s a whole mix of Vermont traditions swirled together and served with a smile. From the Adirondack chairs to the local flavors and ingredients, the creemee outing is an essential experience. Check out these spots to enjoy a Vermont creemee today:

Burlington Bay, Burlington – Vermont is known for its breathtaking views of shimmering lakes and mountain peaks, and creemee stands are no exception. Burlington Bay Market & Cafe offers creemee enthusiasts stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Try the black raspberry creemee, a classic New England favorite!

Palmer Lane Maple, Jericho – Creemee stands have many unique flavors you won’t find outside the state. Palmer’s in Jericho offers a “tree to cone” experience with delicious homemade maple sprinkles!

The Village Scoop, Colchester – The creemee stand is the best place to catch up with familiar faces or get to know the friendly people of Vermont. Grab a seat and enjoy your ice cream there or grab and go with their famous drive-through window!  The Village Scoop in Colchester posts all of the employee favorites on a big board, so ask for a recommendation when you stop by. and don’t forget to order an ice cream cake for all your special occasions!

Sweet Scoops, Heather Sweets, and Rocky’s, Essex–  With so many awesome spots, Essex might just be the creemee capital of the world!  Be sure to pace yourself. 

Legendary Creemees, Waterfront Park, Burlington – It is rumored that people began using the word “creamy” to describe the rich buttermilk flavor of Vermont ice cream. It makes sense, with the many dairy farms across the state. Kingdom Creamery sources their dairy directly from local farms and supplies a number of stands throughout the state, including Legendary Creemees in Burlington’s Waterfront Park. 



Although these places don’t serve creemees, we couldn’t leave them off the list! They are great spots to go and enjoy some ice cream!

The Scoop, ShelburneThe Scoop makes all of their ice cream in house! They also have cornhole boards set up for all guests, so grab a cone and strike up a game! 

Shelburne Sugarworks, Shelburne – Shelburne Sugarworks Truly a Vermont dream come true. Handcrafted ice cream made with local ingredients and their own pure Vermont maple syrup. Grab a cup, cone or a pint to take home!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this all too short tour through the creemee stands of Vermont. Leave a comment and let us know your #1 reason to eat a creemee!