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New Buyer Specialist!

Siobhan Philbin joined our team in October 2018 as our Photographer and grew into the role of our Listing

Coordinator. She recently passed her real estate test and has become a Buyer Specialist on the team. We are so excited to watch her thrive in her new role!

Through working as our Photographer Siobhan grew to extensively know the surrounding area. If you need to be within a 30 minute radius from work, Siobhan will know exactly where to start your home search and she likely can give you a few tips on the best shortcuts to take! She is a master within the MLS system and is excited to show off her skills helping buyers find their perfect home. She knows Zillow is a widely used tool but to be up to date with the homes available, especially with our low inventory, buyers really need to be connected to the MLS and she is ready to do that for you!

Our love for Siobhan started when she purchased her first home with our company a few years ago. She had such a great experience that when a job opportunity came up, she jumped on it! Since purchasing her home, she’s never stopped looking and hopes to share that experience with other home buyers.

Originally from Vermont, Siobhan studied fine arts and art history at Rollins College in Florida. She loves cooking for friends and family, baking bread and admiring historic buildings with her preservation-minder partner. Her many years in customer service and hospitality allow Siobhan to focus on each buyer’s specific home needs.

Prepared, ready and full of knowledge, Siobhan is here to help you find your next home!

Email Siobhan here.